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  1. Denial is a beautiful thing.
  2. Chances are he'll show up alive again.
  3. Just picked it up today. Holy Purple Tapdancing Christ!! Death fucking abounds in this book! And I really liked the end of book one showing the "Earth-2" (?) Supes as well as Superboy and Alexander Luthor. Fuck man, I don't know if anyone read the end of Villians united, but goddam, this is getting good.
  4. My favorite part so far was Bizarro and Batzarro using the JLA teleporters, when J'onnz says, "That was....impossible." Good Stuff. Great Humor. And I really like the Maximums.
  5. Yup....and the red one was all hot headed, while the blue one was cool, calm, and collected. Wow, how unpredictable. And yeah, Spider-clone saga was so lame, it turned me off of Marvel completely until about last year.
  6. As a DC fanboy, I'm glad to hear you say that. Yes, DC is taking a much darker tone, and it is working well. By the time Infinite Crisis happens, the heroes are gonna be smackdab in a giant puddle of shit, that's for sure.
  7. The Excaliber prelude was pretty good. Can anyone tell me how Callisto got those tenticles?
  8. Yeah, but the truth of his relationship with Bruce is, and Green Arrow pointed this out during both the "Obsidian Age" JLA storyline and "Identity Crisis", that no matter how much Dick says that he wants to get out from under Bruce's shadow, he really loves, admires, and looks up to Bruce. I don't think he'd turn down the mantle of the Bat, especially if Bruce dies or asks him to do it.
  9. Mutopia #1 was pretty good. I'm really interested to see how the House of M Earth's "Sapien-friendly" Bishop will play out in this series.
  10. Stretcho wraps himself around the ever loving blue eyed Thing's mouth and nose, cutting off Grimm's oxygen until he passes out. Game over.
  11. Sue forms a shield around herself and tries to talk Johnny out of fighting. Johnny flames on and cooks her in her bubble.
  12. This was covered during "No Man's Land" when, in a moment of trust, Batman took off his cowl to show Gordon his face. Gordon had his back turned to him, but would not turn around. Gordon said something like, "Maybe I've always known." And then made it clear that he did not want to see what Batman's face looked like because his actions were what mattered, or something like that. So, I say yes.
  13. Ra's Al Ghul would have destroyed year one Batman. Bruce was still just finding his footing at this time.
  14. For DC it's like 3 or 4 months usually = a couple of weeks, depending on the storyline.
  15. Woot!! Yay me, I guess. Did anyone else read "Avengers: Disassembled"? I just reread it again last night, and now I am looking to see where this is going even more.