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  1. Originally only available as a giveaway with purchase of How the West Was Weird, Vol. 2, the e-book CAMPFIRE TALES is now available at (for those of you with Kindles) and (for those of you with any other kind of e-reader. This book includes 4 weird western short stories by Russ Anderson, Derrick Ferguson, Joel Jenkins, and Joshua M. Reynolds. For 99 cents, it's a steal! Four astounding novellas combining the western with sci-fi and horror. This new addition to Pulpwork Press's best-selling HOW THE WEST WAS WEIRD series includes: MR. BRASS AND THE CRIMSON SKIES
  2. All Pulp has posted a review of Joel Jenkins' novel, EXILES OF THE DIRE PLANET Read the review at All Pulp and/or pick up a copy at Electronic versions are available at Barnes and Noble (Also, Barnes and Noble is running a sale and they've got the hard copy of Strange Gods of the Dire Planet for sale at just $9.32 at the moment!) and Amazon.
  3. That's right folks, both Dillon and the Voice of Odin AND Dracula Lives! are available to read, FOR FREE, IN THEIR ENTIRETY! Head over to for your Dillon fix, and then check out to take a bite out of Dracula!
  4. And all the information on how to do so can be found right here: HOW THE WEST WAS WEIRD 2-Pack Offer!
  5. Zombie Mounties are taking opportunity of the chaos to grab a quick snack. I was being a bit of a tease, Derrick. I know exactly what they are doing...because I wrote them!!! Muhahahahahahahahaha!!! *Reciprocal evil laughter*
  6. Zombie Mounties are taking opportunity of the chaos to grab a quick snack.
  7. 1. Desolation by Barry Reese 2. The Rag Doll Kid by David Boop 3. They Call Him Pat by Ian Taylor 4. The Lost Vale by Joel Jenkins 6. The Yellow Dog by Ron Fortier 6. Mr. Brass and the Devil's Teeth by Josh Reynolds 7. Thunder Pursued by Tom Deja 8. Walker on the Wind by Desmond Reddick 9. Velvet Scourge by Grahm Eberhardt 10. The Demon Wrestler by Dale Glaser 11. Werewolf of Bent Elbow by Tracy Evans 12. Unhallowed Ground by Stacy Dooks 13. Train Comes a-Burnin' by Mark Bousquet 14. Testimony of Constable Fraser by Kevin Thornto
  8. Ron Fortier, the Air Chief of AIRSHIP 27 has done it again with a review of DILLON AND THE LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN BELL which you can find right here:
  9. There's the story told about an exchange Sir Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman had during the filming of MARATHON MAN. To prepare for a scene where his character had been up all night with no sleep, Hoffman did in fact stay up all night and reported to work on set looking like a wreck. Olivier, upon seeing him, exclaimed; "Dear boy, you look horrible! What happened to you?" Hoffman explained he'd stayed up all night to get in character. Olivier said to him that there was an easier way to achieve the effect Hoffman was looking for. "What's that?" Hoffman asked. Olivier's answer: "
  10. He's earned the right to be a dick.
  11. Ron Fortier, the Air Chief of AIRSHIP 27 and an awesome writer in his own right has been good enough to review the Pulpwork Press anthology HOW THE WEST WAS WEIRD. Bounce over to read the review here: then hop over to the AIRSHIP 27 site for information on their amazing pulp influenced projects.
  12. We've got a new site update on our blog for your enjoyment, including a review of GREEN ZONE in the Movie Review Notebook and new sneak peeks! Also, remember to check out our Facebook page! And if you're a fan of Josh Reynolds (and if you're not then you should be) then you certainly want to get in the ground floor of COUNTESS OBLIVION, his new serialized tale over at REVENANCE!
  13. Details, details...see me when I get back
  14. I've heard and read a lot of negative fuss about the movie and I don't understand why. Did the movie have Titans? Yes it did. Did they clash? Yes they did. Truth in advertising goes a long way with me. Or maybe I'm just easy to please.