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  1. On the whole I enjoyed it. That’s "enjoyed" the ridiculous ride the conclusion of a series usually is and this is no exception.
  2. We still don't really know what Seb (Chris Addison) has to do with this and why he is helping Missy?
  3. So either no one watched this weeks episode or (like me) it was so bad no one wants to talk about it.
  4. I was always going to have a soft spot for this one the minute I saw that they were going to mess around with the Tardis. Always love the stories where a Tardis lands inside another or its self or the Doctor messes with its size and shape.
  5. Its another odd episode. No plot at all to this one just a series of character moments. Some of which where great others very run of the mill Doctor who fluff. So it really depends on if you didn't mind the time out so to speak, and enjoyed the interactons between Clara, Pink and the Doctor. When I saw last weeks trailer of this episode I wasn't expecting much from the dodgy looking robot menace. So I got a little more out of this than I was expecting. Still this series feels a bit like a ship with out a rudder. No clear direction as yet. I guess we'll see what is really up when we find out more about missy.
  6. I think I over anticipated this episode because of its title. I expected one thing and it fell short in my estimations. Which isn't the episodes fault. It had its moments and the Teller was a cool looking monster but it overall felt like a story I wont be revisiting much. What was with the leaning tower of pisa joke and the end that didn't even go with the natural flow of the episode?
  7. This is a great review. http://io9.com/theres-not-much-point-in-arguing-about-moffats-doctor-w-1634481730
  8. Just had another look at that bed sheet scene.
  9. As I said the episode is a little messy in places. Some of those things will never be addressed. Some like the who was under the bed sheet or who was outside Pinks time ship may be explained later on in this series. As they seemed to be seperate from the barn scene which looked to be more pesonal between Clara and the Doctor. I liked this episode more for the questions it raised than the answers it gave. Hopefuly we will come back to some of them.
  10. First episode this series that I was able to watch live. So glad I did. It was also the first I was totaly onboard with. A Little messy in places but then I also belive that can be a good thing. Had no idea where it was going and which was a nice change for this show. Good surprise as well.
  11. I too like the Tim Drake aspect (great term Donomark) aspect but will it get old quick if every week he has to stop off to get Clara and convince her she is needed urgentley? Rather than her already beeing with him.
  12. Really liked this episode and Capaldi. A good build on what we started to see last episode.
  13. Forgot to mention the opening credit sequence. Loved it but then I loved it when it was a fan made you tube clip. The theme will take some getting use to but I kind of like how it feels like its limping along. Like the cogs of the time machine are just about functioning. Very apt for a mad man with a box, who is always putting it back together again.
  14. Ok the colour I would never have noticed. When he referenced the round things "I use to have more round things on the walls" I thought he ment the classic interrior. Will have to go back and look at Smiths version again. Thanks.
  15. Not a great story, although it had enough moments for all the cast to shine a little. Loved Capaldi and will enjoy him growing into this role a lot more with better scripts. Can some one please tell me how the Tardis interrior has changed? I can't see it.
  16. damndirtyape

    DC reboot

    Never heard of Babs Tarr before this. Love the style and the design choices. Now I can't wait for Batgirl #35 What other comic work has she done?
  17. Great film. So much fun. Loved every character. Still think Cap 2 is Marvels best but this is the one I'll watch over and over again.
  18. Just finished this epic last episode (for now). Agree with everything you had to say about the 50th ep and it's mini episodes. The Christmas special on the other hand, I had a hard time with. The concept of it is good. It just didn't sit right with me how many villians were used for the sake of it. I mean what were the weeping Angels doing there at all? What was there reason for being there? Loved the quick snap of a regeneration though. Having said that I still have only seen this episode once. So who knows what little details I missed. I did at one point had a crazy thought while watching it. As smith's Doctor got older and started to look a little like Hartnell, for one brief moment I thought they were going top do a snake eating its own tail time travel thing. Having the Time Lords come back through the crack save Smith take him back to Galifrey. Only for him to run off with a Tardis like Hartnell did. Since it was his last regeneration Calpaldi ending up being a new Doctor in the vain of Bucky taking over as Captain America or Ben Reilly replacing Peter Parker. Not actually the Doctor, as his regenerations are used up but a new Doctor. As the universe must have one looking out for it. Thanks to the both of you for all your great episodes. Looking forward to the Star Trek pod but counting the days until BOTI returns.
  19. Not the only thing that is bigger on the inside. http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2014/03/23/bigger-on-the-inside-a-timeline-pic/
  20. One of you wanted to continue watching more Jodie Foster films. I highly recomend Little man Tate. She stars and directs.
  21. Both of these have just put the biggest grin on my face.