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  1. I think Michael Bay was @#!$ Wes Craven to do this stupid remake. If you guys don't get that joke, watch the South Park episode about the fourth Indiana Jones film.
  2. The last time we saw Archie and the Gang crossover with a major comic book company was with Marvel's Punisher and Wildstorms Gen 13. This October, Archie Comics will meet DC's kid friendly Tiny Titans comic in the first Archie/ DC crossover. What are you thoughts on this?
  3. In the eighties I used to watch this obscure movie version of Howard the Duck over and over when I was a kid and had cable. Now with a DVD version finally out, I can watch my favorite cigar chomping anamorphic duck all over again. For movie fans who thought this film flopped and it did, should give it a chance to see it before there was CGI, only guys in costumes. This movie was rated PG, but after seeing the Nostalgia Critic's review where he does the Duckt**s joke made me chuckle. Yes, they did show a female duck's breast in the opening, I didn't notice this. The whole thing when t
  4. My thoughts on the recent DTV Drawn Together movie.
  5. Do you guys think you can to a Tooncast dedicated to Daria, since her DVD will be out next month?
  6. I remember Will Ryan did Toyman in the Static Shock episode "Toys in the Hood" add groan here. With Babs at the funeral, where was Dick?
  7. Batfrog and Tadpole Muppet Cast: BATFROG/KERMIT WAYNE- Kermit the Frog TADPOLE/ROBIN GRAYSON- Robin the Frog SKEETIE VALE- Skeeter BATPIG- Miss Piggy CHIEF O’HOG- Link Hogstrob PATROL BEAR- Fozzie Bear SAM THE BUTLER- Sam the Eagle THE JOKESTER- Uncle Deadly BOX OFFICE POISON IVY-Wanda of Wayne and Wanda DR. JASON WEIRDO- The Great Gonzo BANE IN THE NECK- Sweetums CAMEOS BY OTHER MUPPETS - Unknown at this time
  8. More like Disney's Enchanted with the animated characters coming into our world. If you want a real Smurf movie go find The Smurfs and the Magic Flute, it was a great movie when I was a kid.
  9. I've just created a blog called Fanboy at the Movies. It's a blog about my thoughts and reviews of movies, comic books, anime, and cartoons. I will also rant on other things like peoples hatred for Batman and Robin.
  10. Batfrog and Tadpole Written by Patrick Moore The dark streets of Gotham looked like pea soup mixed with Dracula fog, as the protector of Gotham, Batfrog, looked from the rooftops. The Frog Knight was on patrol, waiting for some scumbag to strike someone. Suddenly, two men pointed guns at a family coming out of a movie theater, that took a shortcut into a nearby alleyway
  11. To Mike and James: To me "A Better World" was a sorta of great episode. Pt. 2 with Flash and Ivy was great, and Kevin Conroy doing both Batman and Lord Batman at the same time was brilliant. We'll see this again in "Once and Future King." Speaking of Batman Beyond...In Lord Batman's Batcave, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin's costumes are in the same storage as in BB. What do you think happened to them in the past two years? You also forgot to mention that the Big Three weren't in "Heart and Minds." I didn't like the episode either, but Mike's pronouncing Despero's name was funny. I t
  12. I've started a VS based on Spider-Man at the VBC Network website: Episode 1 is up: New Episodes will be on every Tuesday.
  13. Hello, Ghostbuster fans! I've finally got the series posted: Enjoy, as I read a fanfiction I wrote years ago with the Ghostbusters in the Beavis and Butt-Head/Daria universe.
  14. Hello all, I just want to promote my first podcast project, Ectocast. It's the first podcast about The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series. The way my podcast works is that I'll do commentary during the whole episode, then I'll give my thoughts on that episode, and grade it with one to four Slimers. I will not do reviews of the Slimer cartoons or Extreme Ghostbusters...yet. But, in the first episode of the podcast, I'll be reading a crossover fan fiction I wrote years ago, just to start the series. In episode two, I'll review "X-Mas Marks the Spot" after Christmas.
  15. For years comic companies like DC, Archie, and of course Marvel would do Christmas comics for the holidays. One comic comes to mind in the form of Marvel's "Ant Man's Big Christmas" one shot under it's Marvel Knights imprint. The story involves Hank Pym and the Wasp getting a message from a young boy who has a problem with a chain cigar smoking great aunt, two bratty cousins, and other annoying relatives ruining his family's Christmas. Hilarity and chaos comes in as Ant Man and the Wasp use Pym Particles on the relatives to teach them a lesson. There's a scene where the boy is about to hav