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  1. Gallifrey One has been fantastic so far, I'll probably save putting up pics until after the whole thing is done. Frazer Hines is the man!
  2. She was "Kara" in a third season episode of Smallville:
  3. Wait, was I the only one who knew that from the get-go? I feel like a girl.
  4. ShaunKL


    Superman writes on the wall: Batman is a wuss. The next day, Batman writes on the wall: Superman is Clark Kent.
  5. ShaunKL

    Things you want

    Why is the season 55 dollars?
  6. Uh-oh, Mike is trying to spoil himself again. Ah, well, it's nice to see a video that uses fun clips from the Colin Baker era. (This is probably my favorite music video, ever.)
  7. "And his sidekick looks sort of familiar..."
  8. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man would be cool, if only to spit in the face of "trilogies" that have to have epic titles for their finale.
  9. I dunno about him being Connor. Nevermind. >_< Okay, now I'm thinking that "Lex" is going to turn into Connor, and the Michael Rosenbaum Lex is going to come out when we least expect it.
  10. Batman: Arkham City will not have co-op or multiplayer. And here's a few choice images I picked out:
  11. Sheridan Smith isn't coming to Gallifrey, which is a shame as she is the person I was most wanting to meet.