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  1. Gallifrey One has been fantastic so far, I'll probably save putting up pics until after the whole thing is done. Frazer Hines is the man!
  2. She was "Kara" in a third season episode of Smallville:
  3. Wait, was I the only one who knew that from the get-go? I feel like a girl.
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    Superman writes on the wall: Batman is a wuss. The next day, Batman writes on the wall: Superman is Clark Kent.
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    Things you want

    Why is the season 55 dollars?
  6. Uh-oh, Mike is trying to spoil himself again. Ah, well, it's nice to see a video that uses fun clips from the Colin Baker era. (This is probably my favorite music video, ever.)
  7. "And his sidekick looks sort of familiar..."
  8. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man would be cool, if only to spit in the face of "trilogies" that have to have epic titles for their finale.
  9. I dunno about him being Connor. Nevermind. >_< Okay, now I'm thinking that "Lex" is going to turn into Connor, and the Michael Rosenbaum Lex is going to come out when we least expect it.
  10. Batman: Arkham City will not have co-op or multiplayer. And here's a few choice images I picked out:
  11. Sheridan Smith isn't coming to Gallifrey, which is a shame as she is the person I was most wanting to meet.
  12. Shaun, if you really want to get into shape shape, join a sport. If your worried about loosing weight, go with wrestling, if you want to be fast, do football, and if you want to just be in shape do Track and Field. Homeschooled.
  13. Whoa whoa whoa, totally missed Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel and Army of Ghosts/Doomsday from series 2. There are major character developments to be found there and you'd be missing key plot points as well.
  14. At this point if you're looking for quality, substance, and logic, you're going to be disappointed.
  15. I find season 27 to be fantastic, the second episode is a bit weird, but the third is very strong, and once you get past the first two-parter it ends up with great quality. However I do think you should start with season 31 (Series 5).
  16. Last Friday's show was quite possible to most kick-ass episode Smallville has had in two seasons, if that's what Finale is going to like, bring it on! I should also mention that Lucas Grabeel does an insane Lex Luthor.
  17. Image is too tall for the forums, CLICK ME. What would y'all thing of Daniel Craig as the Master?