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  1. All-Star Superman spoiler:

    Of the material that had to be cut to fit the 75 minutes, what was the one thing you really wish you could have kept that was left out?

    "There's this wonderful sequence in the book where Superman talks this suicidal teen girl out of jumping off a building and he's got a lot of problems of his own at that point and that's the essence of Superman, which isn't flying and hitting things but caring about people and inspiring us to be better and I just wish I could have gotten it in."

    [Writer's note: When that question was continuously posed, Dwayne also added that the scene was written for the movie but that in trying it at various points in the story, there was just no place it fit and felt right. At certain points where he tried to put it in, just where Superman was emotionally in the story he just couldn't put it in. He says he'd have instantly cut 2 minutes out of a fight to keep it in but it just didn't work. Superman is very strong, not physically, but emotionally and morally. To me, Dwayne continued, Superman's greatest power is the sense of hope he instills in us and that's the cool thing about Grant's book that we tried to keep in the movie. When Superman comes in contact with someone, it changes them for the better.]

  2. Late 2009/Early 2010 I had gotten pretty good into a gym habit, I had a personal trainer to help me get started and everything was cool. The personal trainer quit however, and I started to lose the habit. I'm getting back into it, taking lots of walks and such to get ready to go back to the gym. But I have yet to get my driver's license, so I'm SOL on that for now.

    Shaun, if you really want to get into shape shape, join a sport. If your worried about loosing weight, go with wrestling, if you want to be fast, do football, and if you want to just be in shape do Track and Field.


  3. The first season isn't that great. Since it's like a new beginning for the current series, I'd watch Season 5. If you end up enjoying it, you can go back and watch what came before.

    I find season 27 to be fantastic, the second episode is a bit weird, but the third is very strong, and once you get past the first two-parter it ends up with great quality. However I do think you should start with season 31 (Series 5).