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  1. Late 2009/Early 2010 I had gotten pretty good into a gym habit, I had a personal trainer to help me get started and everything was cool. The personal trainer quit however, and I started to lose the habit. I'm getting back into it, taking lots of walks and such to get ready to go back to the gym. But I have yet to get my driver's license, so I'm SOL on that for now.
  2. Some of them tend to be a bit cheesy, but as a quick reference for new readers I think they're great. In other news, Kingdom Come just arrived in the mail.
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    It's a message Mike, from the fuutuure...
  4. That reminds me, the pilot/movie for Buzz Lightyear of Star Command was on TV the other day. That was such a cool show. And the game! Yeah. It was all very nostalgic for me.
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    Not very well photoshopped, but it made my little nerd brain short-circuit for a moment.
  6. Sauce from the Source. (Oh great, I totally botched up the thread title. )
  7. The TARDIS windows are wrong! Evil evil evil! (The diagram is rather neat though, I hadn't seen this guy's eleventh doctor yet. Oh and I'm sure some of the facts are wrong, but whatever.)
  9. I don't know, the characters might not be locked in place enough for me yet. Something is missing, I still feel like I'm watching from the outside.
  10. I'm actually losing interest as this is progressing.
  11. That is the stuff right there, absolutely brilliant!
  12. Michael Giacchino continues to kick butt!
  13. MKvsDCU is $15 on amazon... decisions decisions...
  14. Replaying the Max Payne games, smiles the whole way through!
  15. Not only was that the 60's series head bust he opened to push the button, but wasn't that the Gotham Knights' Bruce Wayne office?
  16. Ho baby! I'm in! Hooray hooray! Hallelujah hallelujah!
  17. I'm just amazed that people think NCIS is good.