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  1. The idea was Carla Gugino. (Spy Kids and Watchmen are the only two things I can name off the top of my head.) I think she's just past that point of no return to where she could pull off Lois Lane. Also, I don't think I'd like to see her as Lois Lane anyways.
  2. You would've thought lessons would be learned from Lois & Clark...
  3. Actually it looks like they found out that slicking his hair back made him look horrible, and now the jacket is zipped up which looks better that way.
  4. We'll know for sure once BotI hits the late JNT era.
  5. (Therefore that's why he only popped one blade to fight Ra's al Ghul on Tatooine.)
  6. Bruce doesn't tend to talk about the year he spent in dance class...
  7. Justice Society of America #47 I felt like picking up a JSA book for the heck of it. Just pulled it off the shelf and bought it. I am not disappointed! Even though I was jumping into the middle of an arc I was able to pick up most of what was going on. The art was cool and the characters were great. The next issue should be exciting. Teen Titans #91 This is the conclusion to the climactic battle that started last issue. The confrontation cleans up nicely while setting up the next leg of the plot, there are lots of nice character moments (including teenage love drama! ), and to me the art is solid throughout. The only thing that bothered me was that the crossover cliffhanger felt forced. Superman/Batman #79/#80 This story takes place in the future where Superman and Batman have essentially evolved into living plot devices that can do anything, a time-traveling villain comes to steal certain items so he can take over the past. I don't know what to think when he jumped back in time, It really felt and looked like I was reading a pre-crisis book. Oh, and massive amounts of techno-babble. All that to say that, "Yes, Superman can use his heat vision to bust out of the impenetrable omega barrier." Even though we have all these cool January covers, anyone who picks this up seeing the "modern" Batman and Superman on the front are going to be WTFing at why this seems to be a silver-age book. Is Superman/Batman "selective" canon? Because some of these stories are really out there and don't always make sense in continuity. Detective Comics #873 A thing I really like about this is that the issue closed up the three-part story up very nicely. If I wanted to , I could drop the book without worrying that I might be missing something later on down the road. It's very refreshing to read a story with a set beginning, middle, and end. Red Robin #18/#19 The first part is full of intrigue and fun, but in the second issue... Batgirl #16 This whole series is so full of spunk, wit, charm, and humor that makes it all very enjoyable to read. Fun, fun, fun all the way through. Though the reveal at the end looked a bit silly. Batman: Streets of Gotham #19 This issue is very dark. One thing I think that gets overlooked with the Joker is his ability to torture and torment people. There is some hardcore stuff in this book! And while I like Dustin Nguyen's art, I don't think his Joker stood out enough, though that may have been the colorist more than the former. Anyways, after all the torture and some entertaining Hush moments we arrive just in time to see Bruce and Selina randomly making out while being stalked by Ragman, I think. (Here's another art thing that bugged me, Nguyen (deliberately?) doesn't show Batman's emblem, and the writing isn't clear enough to tell if it's Bruce or Dick, until two pages later when we actually get to see that it is Bruce.) Action Comics #896 Since I never read Blackest Night, I'm assuming that a lot of the value in this run is going over my head. Though I am entertained by the story, I find the focus on the Black Lantern orbs to be distracting at times. (Even though they are the drive of Lex Luthor, this story could've been easily told with him after some other great power.) I don't know why, but this Vandal Savage stuff, especially last issue, really bored me. The Jimmy Olsen backup was fun though, and I am definitely picking up the full comic in March. Secret Six #29 Conclusion to the story started in Action. I did get more involved in the characters, but not enough to warrant me checking out any other issues. Action Comics #897 *bigsarcasticwhoop* (I'm just finishing this thing to see how it ends.) Superman #707 Superman is a depressed douche, his wife is wearing an outfit that would make Lara Croft blush, and the art is terrible. Superboy #3 My personal "flashback" is when a story starts off with something to hook you, and then rewinds a few days/hours. I hate how often it's done, once in a while it'll be okay. But the frequency that this kind of storytelling occurs really bothers me. The story however is nice. Conner is a cool and the reveals are great. The art is a bit loose, but it doesn't necessarily bug me. What does bug me is Conner's secret identity. You're not fooling anyone with the reading glasses and plaid. And if that shirt ever gets removed somehow, you are in deep crap. Conner really needs a revision on his secret identity. (Oh, and why is Krypto wearing his freaking cape and collar in the middle of the house? Aren't you worried about visiting neighbors or anything?) Supergirl #60 Bernard Chang's artwork bugs me. I'm not sure if it's how it seems to be stuck indecisive on whether it wants to look cartoony or realistic, however, I do like his Kara and Lois, good stuff. And the cliffhanger, dear lord, the cliffhanger. That's my cliffhanger of the month right there gents, freaking cool. Trades: HC: Comics: 15 GN: Omnibus:
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    Squeeing with glee as the Next Generation theme plays on The Show 160! :holyshit:
  9. I caught The Incredibles on TV last night. I hadn't seen it since maybe 2009. And let me say that this is one of the greatest movies ever. I still laughed at all the jokes. And the one scene in the plane where ElastiGirl is dodging missiles. That scene is freaking intense! When she's screaming over the radio, "There are children aboard! Repeat, there are children aboard!" it gives me chills just thinking about it. The action is amazing. It's just a really really good movie. (Later I watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights all the way through for the first time, good stuff.)
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    Things you want

    I want a fifth doctor one, and I sincerely hope these sell well. Because I really want the sixth and seventh doctors to have some.
  11. So terrible... that trailer is so terrible...
  12. Doesn't it suck when you meet the girl of your dreams, and then you wake up.
  13. *munch munch munch* And what happens next? What happens next!?
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    I've never seen this before. Gene Roddenberry:
  15. Yeah guys, people dress like that all the time, don't you know anything?
  16. The looks like Booster Gold, I have no idea about the acting, but yeah, he looks the part.
  17. Yeah, I'm sucking at expressing myself through words right now. I'm not trying to offend you Hannah. I... I'm not going to try again, I'm just going to say that I don't like Emma Frost.
  18. Apologies to you guys in the chatroom last night. I was a bit rude and superior. However I still don't like Emma Frost, any character that dresses like that and uses sex as a weapon holds no interest to me and I have no need to read comic books involving that. My opinion may change as I read Ultimate X-Men, or even when I watch First Class.
  19. XIII and X look interesting, perhaps...