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  1. I've never played a Final Fantasy game.
  2. Tarzan sounds cool. Isn't Bruce Almighty like a modern re-imagining of Oh, God?
  3. ShaunKL


    Wow, look how many people are online.
  4. I don't really have a bar. You could give me a bar if you wanted, only candy though. Or a B.A.R., that would be cool.
  5. Mike, do you like Transformers?
  6. So I have my computer back, yay! I had to reformat my hard drive and do a full system restore, no! I have a 2TB hard drive so everything was saved, yay! And now I don't have to worry about memory, if I ever need something, I'll just pull a copy from my backup, yay! Happiness 3, Sadness 1
  7. ShaunKL


    The SAW Complete Pack?
  8. o/ I can think of three other movies... A demon, and yeah, probably. (As I swim in my gutter...)
  9. I like Hathaway a lot, but fuck Catwoman. Enough already. Well... Bruce might do something to that effect after his Dark Knight rises.
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    Are throwbacks a new thing?
  11. Anne Hathaway in Get Smart, thirded. That one scene where she bypasses the lasers with acrobatics... Yeah, that'll work. Not much to say on Tom Hardy, I've only ever seen him in Star Trek: Nemesis.
  12. I've seen the first episode and the season one finale. I need to catch up on other shows before I start Sanctuary.
  13. Mike, have you considered designing a t-shirt that uses the E-2 logo? That would be pretty cool.
  14. ShaunKL


    I don't get it, may I be enlightened?
  15. I keep thinking about this, and it depresses me that Gotham High doesn't exist.
  16. Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker looks and feels a lot more like a nerd, I approve.
  17. That looked like a very stupid, fun, idea.
  18. You watch way too much Star Wars my friend.
  19. Well my computer's funking out again, this is an almost good thing however. Thanks to my Dad's OCD about warranties, I'll be able to upgrade to another computer if I can't fix it on my own! Add in my surprise 2TB External HD I got for christmas and I'm all set!