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Not to spoil my ongoing experiment...

Please don't.

I can't vouch for 28 of those 32, but I would certainly rank Casper, Batman & Robin, and Men in Black II over Dawn of Justice. As for Quest for Peace, I would argue that its performances are by and large stronger (Nuclear Man notwithstanding) and would point out that the film is only half the length of Dawn of Justice. 

And again -- I am not suggesting that is it mostly or even 5% good. It has Nuclear Man, the return of the roofie kiss, Superman's most convenient superpower, abysmal green-screening and recycling of footage, and the world's most annoying nephew, among many other sins.

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Of those 32 flavors of Cinema Sinnery, I can definitely, 100% say that I liked Blade Trinity over all of them. It's not a good movie, but I have dopey fun. Same with Batman and Robin which in this modern age you cannot take seriously. The Batman film franchise aren't in danger anymore, so I've let it out of internet critical prison. Superman IV is garbage tho. It's narrative might be better to follow than BvS, it's been a while.

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Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice OR Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. Which is less poor? I'm for Peace, Ian and Chris are for Justice.

Both are terrible, but at least one is pleasant: Quest for Peace.  However I should qualify that I could only watch a brief portion of DoJ.

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