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Psycho sits atop my list, so that will always get my vote. The Wizard of Oz, on the other hand, is a technical and visual masterpiece, but it doesn't do it for me. Then again, maybe that's because I saw it too much as a child.

Psycho's about 23rd on my list so it is beatable, in my eyes at least, but "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" ultimately gave Psycho the nod. I hate that bloody song.

Otherwise, because I hadn't seen Wizard of Oz in roughly 20 years, I was bowled over by how much I genuinely enjoyed it. I was bracing myself to find Dorothy grating, but she really wasn't given the context of her adventure, and the actors playing Scarecrow/Tin Man/Lion/Wicked Witch o' West were great. And hats off to the guy who played about 5 different roles too!

I've also just finished watching Nosferatu for the first time. I never quite know how to rank 1920s German expressionist films, especially because Flickchart has me grade them against films like The Rescuers Down Under and Tomorrow Never Dies. Now Nosferatu beat both of those, but as influential and creepy as it undoubtedly is, do I give it an "iconic status" pass over films I legitimately enjoy more just because it's "NOSFERATU"? I need to sleep on this some more....

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