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And yes. That hallway fight might be my favorite fight scene committed to film. It's perfect.

The way his punches and kicks slow down throughout the fight is an amazing touch. He's not Cap or Thor or powered by a mech; Matt's an amazing fighter with heightened senses, but he's still human and it all shows in that scene.

To all of you who have night jobs or took the day off:

I hate you all so much right now. And am trying to get out of the office early.

Don't worry, Hannah, I'll make sure spoiler tags are used when something big is discussed.
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Four episodes in, and the series hooked me from the very beginning. A lot of people on my FB seem a lot more lukewarm, but IDK what the show's done that it hasn't nailed. It's pretty much the Bendis run's tone put to screen. I love the realization of Daredevil. They're very coy with presenting his powers directly to the audience, but they don't hide it either. There are subtle touches such as the way Matt reacts to things which work well.

I'm not as high on D'Onofrio's Kingpin as I'd like to be. He's playing it a bit more vulnerable, and he's not matching the innate intensity of Michael Clarke Duncan. Everyone else is perfect for me though.

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Episode Six, or "No One's Ever Read That Obscure Comic Called Batman #406."

They're giving the Hollywood required love story to the villain. That's a remarkably badass choice.

Yeah, that is amazing and ballsy and I cannot wait to see where it goes.
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My main question is this - does the guy playing Daredevil surpass the originator of the role, Rex "Acting Masterclass" Smith? This is important for when Dave & I record next week.

As we all know, the original is always the best. One look at Eric Kramer's Thor will tell you that.
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Sat down and watched the first four eps. I was getting really worried about halfway through episode 1; its had started really well, but then slowed down with lots of blah blah blah. I was bored. But I stuck. And was rewarded with the next three episodes.

Standout moments so far? The fight scene at the end of episode 2 and the end of episode 4.

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Episode one was good. Not mind-blowing. Anyone else catch the frosted windows of Matt's apartment being backlit in soft red? Kind of looked like the DD on his comic costume. I'll keep watching, if only because I'm hopelessly in love with Deborah Ann Woll.

Feels like a real mistake not introducing Fisk in the first episode.

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