Suggestions of shows we could cover.

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If you do Thunderbirds, i feel like you need to cover the live action movie as well. For science.

I second Lucky Louie. It's a sitcom, but it subverts so much of what the traditional sitcom is about and it's the first sitcom since Roseanne to prominently feature a working class family.

Threshold should be up for consideration as it has tremendous star power (Carla Gugino, Brent Spiner and Peter Dinklage) but just couldn't seem to find an audience.

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I think that you shouldn't rule out any genre completely. It'd be interesting to see what you make of some of the more notable shorter shows like Cowboy Bebop.

Exactly my thinking. Outlaw Star! Trigun!

Outlaw Star, Trigun and Cowboy Bebop? add Firefly and the podcast will be the unofficial space western podcast.

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Urban gothic


randal and hopkirk deceased (vic and bob version)

the league of gentlemen (ran for three, christmas special and a movie but still short as hell)

K 9 and company (on a very special episode of Twice as Bright, Half as Long)

oh yeah...theres this other show about cowboys in space but I think someone else is doing that....not that reviewers dibs is a thing and all

EDIT: should have read all four pages before the cowboys in space comment :P

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A few ideas, although many may argue about the "Twice as Bright" element in some of my suggestions.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy


Space: Above and Beyond

Defying Gravity

Now and Again

Odessey 5

G vs E

Crusade (Not sure if that may tread on teh toes of another podcast)

(I may be cursed when picking shows to get behind)

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Firstly, good to see you Murray.

Secondly Hitchhikers and G vs E are on the list. Space: Above and Beyond is a great shout. I'm kicking myself I didn't already think of that. UFO will join the other Gerry Anderson shows we already have on the list.

Just to correct Dave, G vs E wasn't on the list, whilst UFO was. No matter, I'll add the former as well as S:A&B.

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