Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


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Gotham Knights was designed to examine Batman's relationship with his family. There was also the short-lived Batman Chronicles.

I will say that Dick Grayson: Team Leader is practically and usually a different character than Dick Grayson: Solo Act. The Nightwing of the New Teen Titans era wouldn't bat an eye at the things the Nightwing of Chuck Dixon's Nightwing run was having trouble with. I'd agree that connecting him with the larger DC Universe by way of the Titans or even the JLA probably is the best use for him, because he has so many ties to different characters and is one of DC's oldest icons. Implying that he's never been popular as a solo act...I can't agree that. It definitely shrinks his audience down to Dick Grayson die-hards, but the character has maintained a consistent interest with fans for decades. It's not like he's Hawkman or anything.

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So... the trailer leaked.

I am not pleased.

It really seems like they're going all-in on the "Superman is a corrupt alien savior that needs to be taken down by humanity/Batman" concept. Now, that's obviously just the setup, and the story's going to end with Batman and Superman being bros, but still, they're basically focusing on making Superman a controversial figure, which is kind of the opposite of what Superman should be. It's basically everything everyone didn't like about Man of Steel, but an entire movie about it.

EDIT: whoops, I should type faster.

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