Blofeld to return?


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From Kevin McClory's cold, dead hands...

On the one hand, I would've thought Blofeld is completely out of step with the rebooted continuity, no matter how Skyfall ended. On the other hand, if litigation's been going on this long and has finally been resolved, it'd be bizarre if Blofeld wasn't used.

My hunch would be that a character called Blofeld will return, but he won't be the Donald Pleasance-esque cat-stroker. The Austin Powers films have ensured that the Bond franchise can't revert back to those days with any degree of credibility. Maybe he'll be the chief of Quantum, maybe he'll be a separate villain in his own right who owns "Spectre Enterprises LLP".

Interesting, either way.

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If we're gonna make a Bond villain-Master comparison, I'd actually say that the Master is more like a poor man's Alec Trevelyan: A foil to the hero who relies on outside forces (be they alien races or renegade Russians) to execute their plans.

For Gallifrey Doctor?

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