Best and Worst Addams Family adaptation


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Since it started as a single panel comic in the sixties, the Addams family has had four live action shows, four video games, three animated series, Two theatrical movies, one direct to video movie, one direct to T.V. movie and a musical. (there is talk of a new animated series in the making)

I will share my opinion on who was the best and worst actors to portray the all together ooky group on screen.


Gomez - Raul Julia. May he rest in peace. I cannot think of anyone better to portray the passionate father.

Morticia - Carolyn Jones. Angelica Huston put a good performance but Carolyn Jones had a much wider range of emotions shown.

Wednesday- Christina Ricci, the dark creepy Wednesday was more memorable than the innocent Lisa Loring

Pugsley - Ken Wetherwax, he had more attention in the show than in the movie, so it wasn't really fair.

Uncle Fester - Christopher Lloyd, mostly because he played so many stages of Fester

Lurch - Ted Cassidy, he was able to portray the most intimidating, yet the most down to Earth character.

Grandma Frump- Marie Blake aka Blossom Rock. Portrays a former matriarch the best.

Thing - Ted Cassidy. I like the idea of thing being a person who is always hiding rather than a disembodied hand.

Cousin Itt - Felix Silla. his chittering was cooler.

The house - The house from The New Addams family because it added a little bit of all its previous incarnations.


Gomez - Tim Curry, he cant seem to decide if he is English or a Spaniard.

Morticia - Daryll Hannah, the matriarch of the family was wallpaper.


You know what just put the entire cast of the Addams Family Reunion on this list.

What are your thoughts on the topic?

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