2013 Earth-2.Net Advent Calender


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Starting this a little late year but it's time for the annual forum Advent Calendar. If you're new to the forum, here's the gist: each day in the countdown to Christmas, we take turns posting holiday related pictures that are geeky and awesome. If you'd like to participate, post in this thread and I'll add you to the schedule.

Since we're starting late, I'll just do a double post for the 1st and 2nd a little later.

December 1st: dc20willsave

December 2nd:dc20willsave

December 3rd: koete

December 4th: Pan-Dub

December 5th: Stavros

December 6th: Suavestar

December 7th: Venneh

December 8th:dc20willsave

December 9th: koete

December 10th: Pan-Dub

December 11th: Stavros

December 12th: Suavestar

December 13th: Venneh

December 14th:dc20willsave

December 15th: koete

December 16th: Pan-Dub

December 17th: Stavros

December 18th: Suavestar

December 19th: Venneh

December 20th:dc20willsave

December 21st koete

December 22nd: Pan-Dub

December 23rd: Stavros

December 24th: Suavestar

December 25th: Venneh

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Just because I found out about these things within half and hour of each other today-


and -

This is Ded Moroz. Loosely translated as Grandfather Frost, the Communist alternative to the capitalist western dog Santa Claus.


I admit I picked the most badass picture of him. Here's the Wiki- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ded_Moroz

He looks like an anime bad guy, and every version of him has a big old staff like Gandalf.

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