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For the Game that I'm currently running, I gave the party what amounts to plot coupons that are strangely worded. Now, that said, the NPC who willed them this left some ambigous wording none of them have stumbled on:

Now for individual bequeathments. Each of what I have to give you is finite. What you do with it is up to you. They are only transferable from their owner to others with the owner’s permission. Breaking the bottle is all that’s required.

Basically, they can weaponize their plot coupons to use on others instead of themselves.. I haven't outright told them this though. One of my players just asked if there were any clues. My response: I'd say more but I'd rather keep it to myself.

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In lieu of playing in person (for obvious reasons), we have taken to the online versions.  Highlights so far:

Dominion - Card collection/resource management.  Basic game is free to play.  Expansions are available thru a monthly subscription of $4, which only one player needs to buy.  With the massive amount of expansions, worth it.

Yucata - Many games here.  All free to play.  We played Stone Age.  Which outside of a bit of rules confusion on our part & a little wonky UI, worked really well.

Ticket to Ride - Steam version of the classic.  Was totally worth the $4 sale price, probably not the full $10.

Catan Classic - Seems to be only iOS/Android.  When in the game, it worked well and was fun.  But the app is so slow to do anything (like register/find games) that I found this to be the worst.  Others didn't mind so much.  Mileage may vary.

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