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The League's ride. Adapted into a convertible so that Agent Voorhees can sit in the back seat, Christine is a self-driving vehicular bitch, whose security system is second to none. Agent Ryder will always sit in the passenger seat whilst any other field agents will be stationed in the back, leaving the driver's seat empty. The 1950s soundtrack grates on Agent Krueger, but all of the League realise that having a self-regenerative demonic car in their power is a considerable asset.

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Christine is an awesome choice.


Steven J. Urkel is a modern day mad scientist. Capable of creating clones, teleporters, machines that create alternate personalities, anything. His wife's family is just happy that he's working with the league and not next door inventing something to make his father-in-law's life miserable. It's worth pointing out that the subject of Judy Winslow is a sore subject for him and one that anyone who can still remember her should agree to never bring up in his presence.

Too bad that Judy herself probably won't honor that agreement.

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The League's mascot, of sorts. An irritant who runs up considerable grocery bills, Agent Slimer is utilised mainly as a distraction, causing general mayhem whilst the League proper goes to work. Not a killer in his own right, Slimer can nevertheless leave people motionless in a puddle of goo for brief period, and his phasing abilities can be used for reconnaissance, although not in a stealth capacity. Like Agent Pinhead, Ryder will only select Slimer for missions where he can be of use for the situation at hand. Otherwise, he resides in League headquarters, greatly annoying The Tall Man in the process.

Agent Krueger appears to be his Venkman analogue.

And that's my lot until the villain round.

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Damn you Shining Light! They were my villains!!

Not even joking, it was going to turn out that Jeff Slade was an unwitting pawn in Holly Turners quest to rule time and space. I mean she has to be evil, look at the shoulder pads!

Argh, I'm stuffed now. Going to need some serious thinking to find a new 90s tv villain. Shadow from Gladiators? Maybe...

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