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I'd bet a ton on them redesigning the suit by the second season, both for aesthetic as well as practical reasons. Hell, they might even redesign the suit after the pilot, like what Lois & Clark did with the Superman costume. For one thing, it's got leather in the crotch area, which you can already see being stretched near the breaking point in that second photo.

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Barry was introduced on Arrow as A) very young, especially when up against the nearly 30-year-old Oliver, and B) a giant dork. He definitely has a sidekick vibe to him, especially as he's still learning how to do this.

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It's almost like when Spider-Man meets up with one of the Avengers like Cap or Iron Man. He's clearly going to fall into the sidekick role until he grows up a little. For what it's worth, the actor playing Barry is actually older than he looks. And I don't think it'll be a concern to have him be a "sidekick" on his own show.

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