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There's some clunkiness in the writing like all superhero adaptations, but the pilot is pretty good. I like that they're not going to play "when will they find out" with every cast member and that Thawne is already a giant asshole. I think Grant Gustin is going to be a lot of fun as Barry, he needs just a little more time in the role. The ending is probably the most nerd baiting thing I've ever seen.

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It really is a direct comics adaptation, there's none of the prequel nonsense here. That's why I have more expectations that Flash could succeed, it's more capable of delivering than Gotham might be.

Yeah, and there's a real no-holds-barred attitude about it being a superhero show set in the DC universe. None of that "this is a lesser version of X character for our TV universe" idiocy. Arrow's been doing a similar thing with street-level DCU characters for a year or so, but now Flash is actually handling super-powered heroes. Looking at the list of upcoming characters in the show, it's just crazy.

Firestorm?! FIRESTORM?!?


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Episode 2 had more problems than the first one, but I still liked it. They hit some familiar beats, but it's the beginning of a superhero story so that didn't really bother me.

I do think they should have started the episode with a flashback to Multiplex and his wife before the accident. That would have felt like actual effort was put into giving his character a touch of grey rather than bringing it up during the final fight. The ending did something I hate in superhero television where they kill off a character with a lot more to offer the show. Stagg trying to capture the Flash could have been a nice recurring element for the first season, not to mention the Metamorpho angle. I like the shady Professor X vibe Harrison Wells has, but him killing Stagg was a bit much.

That said, I like that they hit the accelerated metabolism already and the realization of Multiplex was pretty good for a CW budget. Barry's confession in the space of a second was a nice character bit and I really like the relationship between Barry and Joe.

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