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I really liked this episode, although I think the inclusion of the Ronnie storyline made things a little choppy.

Glad that we've already got Barry telling Iris how he feels. This show is so good at cutting the bullshit.

The Flash/Reverse-Flash fights were great, Reverse-Flash just laying him out. And Reverse-Flash beating up his own self was brutal.

Barry's conversations with his two dads hit that Christmas episode sentimental sweet spot.

And again, so hyped by the Reverse-Flash reveal. The use of the Flash Ring was a brilliant touch.

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Seriously, loved tonight's episode.

The idea of the Reverse Flash somehow being Wells was fascinating, but it still doesn't answer everything.

If Wells is indeed Reverse Flash:

-How is he able to be in two places at once?

-Is he controlling the suit remotely? That would be weird.

-Is he just moving that fast? Also weird.

-Is Reverse Flash a version of Wells from a different time?

There's no way Eddie Thawne isn't somehow still involved.

-Is Reverse Flash (and maybe Wells) Eddie's descendant from the future?

-Is Reverse Flash Eddie from the future?

From the set photos that went online of Reverse Flash awhile ago, it looks like the actor in the suit definitely isn't Wells. It could have just been a stuntman, but he actually looked like he could be Eddie.

Also, it looks like they're setting up story points from Flash: Rebirth (Reverse Flash needs Barry to get faster to charge up the speed force) and Flashpoint (Barry follows Reverse Flash back in time to try to save his mother from being killed).

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I had similar thoughts on how it could be explained. I definitely think time travel is involved, what with Reverse-Flash saying that he and Flash have been fighting for a long time. And they made a point of Eddie asking why he wasn't killed, so he's definitely involved in some way.

I think the Reverse-Flash is a twisted way to get Barry prepared for the Crisis.

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Good mid-season stopper. I really liked Barry's character moments with his Dad, Joe, and Iris. The stuff with Reverse Flash vs Flash was pretty cool tool. They've pulled off some pretty awesome special effects for a TV series and we got to see that again. Eddie getting the You Know What scared out of him by Reverse Flash was pretty good too.

So Wells is Reverse Flash....I guess that works but again its almost too expected.

We know he has time travel information but not yet technology. Sure we know Reverse Flash was there to kill Barry's Mother but who says its Wells?

Here's my crazy theory. What if an older Wally West? So Flash gets killed/disappears during the Crisis. Wally decides to go back in time to change that or maybe even assure it. He's got a Reverse like Flash suit but remember his use to be yellow and red as KF. Due to time he's a harsher indivdual. Maybe he saw too many die in the Crisis, and knows Barry is the one to fix it. So that's why he's willing to go to the lengths he is.

Reverse Flash is either Eddie or somebody else. He's back in time as well to try and beat Flash or make sure he dies during the Crisis. So We've got too competing time travelers here. Cause Wells has been way too helpful in my book if he just wants to beat Flash...but who knows maybe I'm over thinking it.

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My current theory is still that Wells is the Reverse Flash and using time travel to beat himself up. The Thwane thing is a misdirection, perhaps that family line exists in potential as descendants of Eddie (and possibly Iris) and Wells is a result of that, and thus he's trying to stabilise and confirm that future? I dunno.

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Two thoughts: 1) One of the things that Johns established at one point is that Thrawne could never kill Barry since his existence was in some way integral to his so maybe that's why he's being helpful until his can steal enough time stuff to break that or 2) They're using some of Hunter Zoloman in here also with Wells trying to make Barry a better hero through tragedy.

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That last shot telegraphs pretty clearly that it's Wells, although that could be misdirection. I hope it is, not only because that seems too obvious, but Reverse Flash is clearly much, much bulkier than Tom Cavanagh.

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I would love it if they brought the 1990 Flash show into continuity through alternate realities, and the Flash from that reality was The Reverse Flash. They already have John Wesley Shipp on board, let him play two roles: Harry from this reality, and Barry (who's gone mad) from another.

They won't do it and this is just me fanboying, but it could be a fun swerve.

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