Round 3: Maggie Carpenter v Philip Stuckey


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Who: Maggie Carpenter

Actor: Julia Roberts

Movie: Runaway Bride

Douche move(s): Leaves four men at the alter, and kisses another man in front of her fiancé.

Who: Philip Stuckey

Actor: Jason Alexander

Movie: Pretty Woman

Douche move(s): Attempts to rape someone.

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Maggie might be a heart-breaking, self-centered piece of work that leaves people mental- and emotional-wrecks for years to come, but she doesn't leave the scar a rapist (or an attempted rapist) would leave. Stuckey wins this one for sure.

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Okay, further explaining it. Maggie is played by Julia Roberts who played the near victim. Therefore, I'm voting for Maggie for the meta-reason that this is her overcoming.

It's that and that Maggie is a douche while Stuckey moves beyond that into being just a monster and then we hit the possibility of having to argue whether war crimes or attempted rape is worse. I'm going to have more fun arguing douches than legitimate monstrosity. I just want Stuckey gone at this point the more I think about it.

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