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Poll for three people, if that.

For this one, I'm dividing the polls between Lars von Trier's English- and Danish-language work, while limiting it to his theatrically released films and the two-season series The Kingdom. I'm also excluding Nymphomaniac for now, as I don't think part two of it has been released in North America yet.

Admittedly, I've not seen much of his films in either language. I'm certain, however, that Dancer in the Dark is better than Melancholia (which is good, but drags and leans too heavily on the Tristan und Isolde overture) and that The Kingdom is the polar opposite to The Idiots in terms of quality.

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I went with Antichrist as my favorite English film. It's completely insane, beautiful, uncomfortable and profane. Kind of everything I want in a movie.

Best I went with Melancholia. It is a tad long-winded, but the sheer scale of the artistry is undeniable as well as the ability to realistically portray depression from both the angle of suffering from and living with someone suffering from it is a first in cinema for me. Also, it made Kirsten Dunst look like a good actress.

As for Danish, I haven't seen Boss of it all or Epidemic, but Element of Crime is a fucking stupendous film, so I chose that for both.

He's right behind Herzog as my pick for best all-time living directors.

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He launched it with Thomas Vinterberg (director of The Hunt, which was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars) and two other Danish directors. It's an interesting style of filmmaking, even if the films (or at least the Danish ones) are kinda hit-and-miss. The Idiots was the one released and my opinion not very good, but you might want to check it out.

Definitely seek out The Kingdom, though, for some sepia-toned, black humored, Udo Kier-starring goodness.

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