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Since not many people respond to these polls and since I don't have the space, I'm just gonna let you choose between Mozart's four most famous ones with the option of one of the nineteen others he composed in his lifetime.

Favorite and best for me are Don Giovanni. It's his darkest opera and though Abduction from the Seraglio and Marriage of Figaro are touched upon first, it was the Don Giovanni scene in Amadeus that got me back into classical music when I first saw it and got me interested in opera to begin with.

The runner-up is Magic Flute. Though I've not seen it in full, the overture and vengeance aria are amazing.

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Since not many people respond to these polls.

In fairness, the most recent ones haven't been about matters with wide mainstream appeal. For my part, I'm aware of all of these operas having listened through them for a school production of Amadeus. But as a caveat, that was in 2002 and I've only heard recordings of said operas rather than watching then, so even I'm not too confident about picking anything.

I will say that Mozart's music is great and I need to rewatch Amadeus pretty soon.

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