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Olivia Munn is playing Psylocke. I'm not sure if I like the casting. Not because I dislike Olivia Munn but because of the overall character. Psylocke is either a British telepath or a Japanese Psychic Ninja. If Olivia Munn can do a British accents, kudos. If they're doing ninja, that's not so cool. Munn's mother was Chinese and her father was American. It's kinda offensive. It's like when they case someone of Latin-American descent as a Native American.

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I don't really agree with the idea that it's wrong to cast a Chinese-American as a Japanese character. I mean, we cast white people from all different continents to play certain roles and no one really cares. While there are some differences between Japanese and Chinese people, they're not pronounced enough for it to be legitimately offensive (a la switching Native American for Mexican or Asian). And to clarify, I'm part Chinese myself. My dad's side of the family is from China.

Keeping the culture straight is incredibly important. There's no excuse for confusing Japanese language and culture with Chinese. But in terms of acting? Eh. If she works then she works.

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Things that would make X-Men Apocalypse a perfect movie for me:

-Movie opens with Morph getting murdered

-Opening title sequence uses the Ron Wasserman X-Men animated theme

-Wolverine punches Cyclops in the gut; Cyclops blasts Wolverine in the face

-Wolverine has to wear a mask to hide his still-healing face?

-Wolverine can now be recast because his face got blasted off and healed back funny for some reason?

-Cyclops polishes an apple while a single tear rolls down his cheek

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