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I love the fact that Jennifer Lawrence has become the face of the X-Men over Hugh Jackman.

Honestly I've grown to really hate that. Her character's inclusion in First Class was bizarre, she's not well cast, brings very little to the role and constantly refuses to be blue. It's Halle Berry all over again.

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I love the fact that Jennifer Lawrence has become the face of the X-Men over Hugh Jackman.

As mentioned in my various shows with Ian, I actually prefer the old school Rebecca Romijn version because start to end there's a purity of vision about what the concept and character are, even in X-men 3. Visually the big motifs in the first movies were Wolverines claws and Mystiques awesome design, and so once they came to First Class they retroactively tried to make her a bigger deal than she should have been, lending her this cooked up history with Xavier that never really fit. I'd be fine with a young her showing up in this revised timeline and even showing the history of how she became what she did but she should be inexorably on the path to villainy. Instead she just gets more and more heroic because Mystique has become the iconic character of the franchise and its for all the wrong reasons. In fact the casting of an actress who has become a huge name has an a retroactive Halle Berry effect, boosting a character based on the profile of the person playing them rather than what serves the story. 

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