Interview with Devin Grayson reflecting on Nightwing run


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A few months back after re-reading both the Chuck Dixon and Devin Grayson Nightwing runs in full, I sought the latter out on Facebook and requested an interview for The Batman A couple of months later she responded enthusiastically, saying she was grateful for a chance to clear up some things regarding how her Nightwing run ended back in '05. Now the interview has finally been published. Hope you guys enjoy, as I feel this interview puts a lot of her more controversial aspects of her time on Nightwing into a better perspective.

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Terrific stuff, Don. I always liked Grayson's work and felt she got a raw deal in fandom and from DC (the egregiously stupid thing she said re: Nightwing #93 notwithstanding), and it's great that she has this opportunity to talk about it. Thanks for sharing.

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