Episode 728


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What started as a Facebook discussion over a comic book convention's new, controversial pricing model led to this segment where Dan and Wendee, along with Hannah and Will, talk about the pros, cons, and future of said pricing structure. [ 1:28:50 || 43.0 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_728.mp3

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Halfway thru, but I will echo what Will said about Wizard buying the Mid-Ohio comic con. Wizard raised the price to a point I would never even think about going to, as Will stated, a dealers room. Heck, I thought the $30 was a bit much. I found a very small dealers show (maybe 50 dealers) that costs $4 to get into, and when you pay, you get some sort of trade paperback in return.

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For me it's about what you're getting for your admission price. If all you're getting is access to a dealer's room - basically a flea market - then the admission price should be very low. I don't mind paying a higher ticket/membership price if the con gives me the sense that I've gotten a weekend's worth of entertainment out of it.

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Wizard World bought New England Comic Con a few years back and has yet to do anything with it. I can't imagine feeling the need to give them my money if they ever do, but it would depend on the level of guests they were able to attract. Because you're right; they charge Dragon Con levels of money.

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