World Cup 2014: Brazil


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Spain just became the fifth defending champion to lose in group play. I missed their destruction at the hands of Netherlands, but if their match with Chile is any indication, it's clear Spain lost whatever it was that made them champions. Easy shots were missed, and they gave up the ball so much it became a sad joke.

Chile, on the other hand, had amazing defense. They way they swarm their opponents with two, then three men is exciting to watch.

Having seen the Australia / Netherlands match this morning, I'm super excited for the Chile / Netherlands meeting this Monday. Both teams look strong, even if Netherlands were almost upset by Australia.

Speaking of which, Australian fans should be proud of their team. They put on one hell of an excellent, exciting match.

In other news, less flopping this time around.

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That's probably just under a weeks pay and one game more than the largest suspension ever handed out for violence at a world cup. I do agree though, this is a pattern of behaviour and he needs to break it. I'd edge more towards a couple of years international ban. On the club side it's tougher since it's not Liverpool's fault and they'll still have to pay the dick for services not rendered.

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Neymar might be punished for wearing non-FIFA-sponsored underwear. Fucking FIFA. They are one weird company.

There's previous for this. Either the last Euros competition or World Cup, Denmark's Nicholas Bendtner got fined for showing the waistband of his branded underwear, which were not official FIFA-endorsed sponsor. And the fine was twice as large as the one received a club whose fans were racially abusive earlier that year.

So, to paraphrase what Pandy said: Non-approved underwear > racism, in FIFA's eyes.

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Also, congrats to Team USA for making it out of their group, considering they were in with Germany and Portugal. The massive underachievement of Portugal is incredibly satisfying, particularly as it is a much bigger shock than England's pretty limp display.

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With Silva being suspended for the next match (and what a stupid way to get suspended) and Neymar out of the tournament, I don't know how they're going to get past Germany.

Speaking of Neymar's injury, that was a dirty play by Zuniga. There was literally no need for his knee to have been that high. To me, it looked like he was trying to hurt Neymar in a "if we can't win, at least you'll be banged up next round" sort of way. I don't think his intent was to fracture Neymar's back, but that was no accident.

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No-one in the Brazil team has stepped up more crucially than Neymar has. I can't see them overcoming Germany, and like Pandy says, in that Brazil have been largely disappointing (on home soil, no less), I'm not exactly rooting for them. I'm not saying I'm rooting for the Germans either, because when has that ever ended well? But Germany are probably the more fitting finalists at this stage, on paper.

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