The Time Machine


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HG Wells' The Time Machine holds the distinction of meriting the briefest synopsis in the podcast's history. While deciding if historical importance always equals artistic merit, Wendee and Dan wander off topic towards Dan's hatred of Dickens and all his dark works, Eric Cartman's adventures in suspended animation, and all the good times that yurts have to offer. [ 1:16:22 || 37.1 MB ]

To listen, click here:

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Some thoughts:

I was kinda surprised that wells only wrote forward into time. Maybe he thought of the butterfly effect kind of conundrum ( where going backward u might cause yourself not to exist) and decided it was best to just go forward. You go forward, likely never come back and are not seen again.

Wells writing style. I liked the comment in the podcast about how he would say " now I have proven this to you". Etc. it strikes me as being the way my parents and previous generations were taught to write essays. Basically they would write in the first sentence what should be obvious from the title, " in this essay, I will describe the causes of the French Revolution", or something like that.

I laughed out loud at Dan hating Dickens. I enjoyed a tale of two cities, and would recommend it... But tried reading david copperfield recently and just got lost in the endless characterization. And found so much of his realistic writing of the vernacular, in phonetic form to be a slog.

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I would eat David Copperfield before I would read it again. In high school, we never had Dickens assigned to us during the year, but he was ALWAYS on the mandatory summer reading list, which generally meant my August was spoiled by paperbacks the size of bricks where nothing happened for hundreds of pages. Ugh, that guy.

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