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Things I love: Johanna totally wants to kill someone there. Great body language. The cut in feels natural.

Really, Mockingjay is the weakest of the books. This might be the only movie ever the benefit from being two parts. One of its strengths became a weakness because so much of the book being first person meant there were tons of great things we never got to saw, just the aftermath described to us.

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This makes up for a part 1 that, in hindsight, doesn't work as well. It is just brutal. It is a film about war after all but dear god, just some of the things people on both sides pull. Like, I knew from the books what was coming but seeing it happen is a whole other deal.

I've been a fan of Jennifer Lawrence since Winter's Bone. She is one of my favorite actresses. This is her best performance of all of these movies. She gets across the pain and vulnerability of a character that is, most of the time, unlikable. She sells what she does and it feels like she finally gets to be her own person.

It's obvious that Phillip Seymour Hoffman is absent in a couple of scenes. This is not a reader of the books saying this, this is a viewer. It's sad when you see it and it just adds to the pathos.

One of the biggest complaints of the series is the love triangle. With the book, there was the complaint that Katniss never seemed to choose Peeta, that it just happened. Hell, that she kinda found herself having kids against her own will. We get that none of that here. Gale and Katniss have a falling out over his role, if inadvertent, in the death of Prim. When Peeta comes back, it feels honest more than anything. As for the kids, it felt natural.

I have more thoughts but saving them for the inevitable Hey Gurlfriend.

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