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Hey kids. Seeing as we're already halfway through the year, I figure now is as good a time as any to get started on this.

Use this thread to save me some work when I put together the Best of 2014 show and nominate moments from any of the episodes this year that you think have a place in the compilation.

Also, feel free to add more as each new show goes up.

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A Talking Cat!?! is LOADED with A-material...

--We need a montage of Damien's euphemisms for the sex scenes

--"Have her penis...?"

--"The meeting isn't going well, and I don't have cheese puffs. WHAT IN THE NAME OF ZARDOZ DO THOSE TWO HALVES OF THAT SENTENCE HAVE TO DO WITH EACH OTHER?!"

--The Hummer angle from WCW

--"You can't cannonball when you're already in the pool."

Still my favorite episode. Even more than The Room.


--Rayne goes to the gas station

--Sebastian is the dumbest character in the entire Tiradesverse

--"What do you say when you want to bite a girl? HISSSS AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!"

I Know Who Killed Me:

--Epic plot hole alerts (x8)

--Zubaz is eternal

--Terry Crews' WCW career

The Legend of the Titanic:

--Ronnie, the Brazilian mouse, traveled to England to learn about soccer--their national pastime

--Magic moonbeams

--What the fuck is Jeffries seeing here?

--Imagining what Elizabeth would say to her father to convince her of Maltravers' douchebaggery

--"Oh, it wasn't your fault--it was an evil, greedy human being. No! The evil whaler guy didn't chuck a giant hunk of ice at the ship! The octopus did! Yeah, that was his plan, but he had to tell his tell the tell the octopus to throw the ice at the ship."

Dragonball Evolution:

--The dodge fight scene

--The workshopping of Yamchad's desert trap plan

--Focus group of the Dragonball characters

--Damien's Minecraft world

--Roshi on Yoshi

--Chi-Chi's evil twin, Ihc-Ihc


--Lamest sequel tease in history

Godzilla (1998)

--Damien's horrifying epiphany about the end of Alone in the Dark


--Maria Pitillo's facial expressions

--We need a montage of "Wouldn't it be cute if...?"


--The "island with water on all sides" rant

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You guys should joke more on the things you talk about (Santa's Slay and The Room) instead of being overly-serious (the Transformers movies, not defending at all, Bay is a hack) which leads to rants about tropes in general or Damien saying to your listeners not to write in (even if the subject matter is idiotic) in absolute utter-contempt. I know Undisired Champions out there (Batman/Nolanites) but feel your negativity gets degrating really quick.

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It's a balancing act.
The show is designed to be a mix of serious critique and humor, and we've really leaned into the comedy more than ever, but there's a reason we don't do movies like The Room every episode. First of all, it wouldn't be special anymore. Second, it would get old quick. I love Santa's Slay, but it's actually one of the weaker episodes, since the movie kind of speaks for itself and we were just laughing at it. You don't really need our help to enjoy those movies.
On the other hand, the Transformers trilogy were easily our most popular episodes last year, in spite of the nonstop vitriol. Just as I don't want our show to ever become just pure comedic farce, I also don't ever want the actual reviews to cross over into being mean-spirited. Every time I start a rant, it's with that same balancing act in mind. Best case scenario, the audience finds them a little over-the-top, funny, and maybe even learn something about film in the process, but never takes them too seriously.
Not to completely let people behind the curtain, but Michael Bay making movies doesn't exactly ruin my day, and while I am an extremely passionate person when it comes to art, I certainly don't want anyone to feel degraded. I'm a video game collector obsessed with Audrey Hepburn, Godzilla, and Alice in Wonderland. I really don't have any room to look down on fans of anything, but I will discourage their nitpicking in defense of some bafflingly popular movies. Honestly, the "don't write in" thing was in anticipation of getting a lot of angry emails that never came. It actually worked out well for us as a self-confessed Transformers fanboy is now one of our most frequent feedbackers.
We appreciate the criticism, and I will take it to heart to make sure we maintain that balance, but the focus on the tropes and other elements of film-making are at the core of what we do. The end goal, just as it was when I watched MST3K as a kid, is to make a painful experience into a fun one, and I like to think we do that more often than not.
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The trope thing is also a big part of the Wiki, which is pretty much my labor of love. I've put so many hours into adding pages and editing pages. And I hope to Zardoz that one day it does get so popular that tons of people edit it and I have to go back and fix things. Nothing would make me feel more accomplished.

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