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Sometimes an idea for a story comes and will not leave me alone. Since I have not seen a similar thread on the forums I would like to start here. Many people have ideas for stories and never go anywhere with it. I thought this could be a good place for anyone to start. I trust everyone will be honest but kind in their feedback.

Let us begin

So there is this chef who works in a glamourous restaurant (lets call her Sarah), she serves the 1% catering to parties, weddings, etc, but feels underrated. One day a new chef comes in and starts causing trouble. New guy is related to the boss and believes he is entitled to everything. After much chaos Sarah decides she is overdue for a vacation and goes to spend two weeks with her brother (lets call him Bob).

After a couple of days of culture shock (glamourous loft to dive of an apartment) Sarah decides to accompany Bob to his work, the theater and drive in. Despite a happy appearance Sarah could tell Bob is in despair due to financial troubles. At first she tries to convince him its time to move on, he has had worked at the same place since high school. But then sees that the theater is more than just movies. All throughout the week the space is rented to clubs like scouts, toastmasters and even church services.

Sarah takes a look at the records and sees that the theater could be saved if only they had better concession sales. After some time thinking about it she quits her job and starts a small restaurant next door. The theater is saved and Sarah now feels like she is in the position she deserves. Not even begging from her old restaurant owner (most of the crew left after she quit) could stop her.

I call it : Movie and a Dinner.

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