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Starting its own topic, cuz it seems to be actually happening.

Anyhoo, according to EW, Shazam! is being produced by the New Line Cinema imprint at Warners, will not be part of the DCCU as of now, and will be lighter in tone than the "no fun or enjoyment allowed" atmosphere currently hovering over BvS.

This, of course, should be obvious, because if Cap isn't fun, you are doing it wrong.

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I just don't understand why Warners is so embarrassed by their comics properties. "We need to make everything dark and grim and real and street because no one will be able to accept a flying alien who saves kittens from trees and wears glasses that fool everyone." You know what? We bought a ticket to go see a Supeman movie. We probably know what we're in for, thanks.

Shazam! is about a ten year old kid who says a magic word and turns into a superhero and has a talking tiger in a suit for a best friend and fights a superintelligent worm and once married Reltih, the Reverse Hitler. It needs to be allowed to be fun, guys.

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