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Good question. Depends on the size of your moat and how many enemies/incompetent henchmen/random people or animals you’re willing to feed to them.

To save moat space and food money, I’d suggest going with Sarcosuchus, Deinosuchus, or Purussaurus. All of them were crocodiles (or crocodile relatives) approaching 40 feet long, all had bone-crushing jaws, and, being ectothermic (cold-blooded), you wouldn’t need to give them as much as food to keep them healthy (though might need a big heat lamp like the ones used in reptile houses).

Titanoboa would also work for most of these reasons but would take much longer to digest its prey.

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It’s not a hoax since the fossils of Dracorex are real, while the Piltdown man consisted of skull fragments belonging to a medieval human and an orangutan buried together and made to look older by chemicals (which fittingly probably helped kill the forger). The scientists who named Dracorex thought it was a separate genus (think Homo in Homo sapiens) but most experts now think that it was a juvenile Pachycephalosaurus. Same goes for Stygimoloch, whose fossils may represent a teenage Pachycephalosaurus.

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