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The first trailer was Cap heavy, so it makes sense that this one would be Iron Man heavy, with the versus aspect of it. Spider-Man showing up didn't do too much for me either. I find it really amusing that we're getting a repeat of Death of Captain America/Batman R.I.P./Captain America Reborn/Return of Bruce Wayne.

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I mean where do I even begin? BP looks ill as fuck. Absolute perfection. I love how the whole of the Avengers era MCU has led up to this, you just really buy the story idea. They showcased each hero, especially Wanda who's looking cool here.

I'm really happy that I'm hyped for both BvS and Civil War, even if they're plots are similar. Just, over the moon. What a time to be alive

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2 and a half hours of Chadwick Boseman kicking the ass of everyone he sees

If only. If he has more than 15 minutes of screentime, I'll be surprised.

Spider-Man's the one I'll definitely be surprised if he has more screentime than a few minutes. T'Challa seems to be quite integral to the plot.

I imagine Spidey'll be like Quicksilver in Days of Future Past

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The big fight in the trailer happens at a random commercial airport. I want  the mother of a large family to get annoyed with the superhero fight holding up their Orlando bound flight and she runs out onto the tarmac to yell at Cap and Iron Man for ruining her family vacation. "Have you ever tried to get Disney Reservations? No refunds and then my family has to sleep at the Holiday Inn! I promised my little Bethie Mickey Mouse Pancakes and that's what she's gonna get!"

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Spider-man is in literally two seconds of film and I have never heard so much bitching. 

I don't doubt that it's gonna be a well-realized interpretation of Spider-Man. The design's pretty neat and he seems to have an appropriate voice for Spidey. And I'm glad that there's interest in the character again, after years of people just not giving a shit or being mad. 

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So that was really good.

The inciting incident is still as sketchy as it was in the comics as far as the heroes getting blamed for it, but they did a fair amount to justify it. All of the characters work really well in the movie, mostly by not attempting to give each of them an arc and just let them play their part in the narrative. I never really doubted that they wouldn't forget Captain America in his own movie, but it's still great to see.

T'Challa is fantastic in the movie. I really appreciate that he has (what I think is) the fourth most important role in the movie. All of his fight scenes were amazing. And the post-credits scene...I am so excited for his movie.

Spidey got the most laughs from everybody in the cinema. Peter Parker is pretty well done for a character that could be taken out of the movie without losing much. I still have the fundamental problem of him being indebted to Tony Stark, since I like a more independent Spidey, but other than that no complaints. I'd have to see a full movie before I say "Best Spidey yet" but hey, I could just be biased.

Love Sam Wilson in the movie. He still has a pretty secondary role as far as the plot, but he is a delight to watch. They do so many cool things with his wings in the movie, and he has a great dynamic with Bucky.

I knew about Giant-Man, but HOLY SHIT.

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What a great movie. The only gripe I have is the shaky cam during the fights. That needs to stop being a thing. I couldn't see what was going on half the time during hand to hand fights. 

Spider-Man is probably the best live version in my opinion. He's straight out of a cartoon. The consequences from this movie are enormous. I can't wait to see where they take all the characters.  

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