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Prinze Slays "Buffy" Dreams

By Sarah Hall

According to Freddie Prinze Jr., his wife's days as a vampire-hunting slayer chick are through.

Pounding a stake through the dreams of Buffy fans everywhere, Prinze said that chances were slim that Sarah Michelle Gellar would one day star in a film version of her hit series, either for television or on the big screen.

"Not with Sarah," Prinze said during an appearance at the Television Critics Association press tour where he was promoting his new ABC sitcom, Freddie. "I've never heard of it coming back whatsoever."

Prinze said that Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon "is on the movie train right now, and it hasn't stopped yet. So I think he'll be on that for a while."

As for remaking the series as a feature film, Prinze pointed out that the original 1992 Buffy movie, starring Kristy Swanson and Luke Perry, tanked at the box office.

"It didn't work. That's why [they] made the TV series. It worked much, much better as a TV series," Prinze said.

"It worked so well as a TV show, I don't think Sarah would want to invest in something that's already failed once."

Gellar's next project is the futuristic thriller Southland Tales, written and directed by Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko.)

What a complete dumbass! The first one bombed because it was a little to campy, featured actors few teens knew (Luke Perry's role was minimal and Kristy Swanson was barely a star) and it was a fresh / unbranded franchise. Now that the franchise is a household name, however, a Buffy movie would burn up the box offices.

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It would do passably well. I think a lot of fans would be dissapointed because there is no way they could hit all the things about the show that made it great. One of my favorite things about Buffy was episodes that at the end just ended. No one was particularly happy, the bad guy was slain but there was clearly a lot of stuff left to be dealt with by the characters and then that screen saying "Joss hedon" came up. That is one of the things that made it good, it would not wrap up each episode in a nice little bow. But you cannot do that in a movie as well, it comes off as unfinished rather than intentionally abrupt. A movie version would become a "How can we have each character do something in their signature style, oh and have a plot to" I do not think Joss Whedon will make a movie of it any time in the near future. But of course, I could be wrong and he might write something spectacular.

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I was pissed at freddie when he did a Daily Show interview about the first scooby movie for blatant stupidity/innaccuracy. He seems to come off as one of those people who pretends to know everything about everything and fakes it if he has to.

but dammit, that is one entertaining movie, and he was great in the role give to him.

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I agree that buffy had a satisfying ending considering the direction the series took and ignoring Spikes return in Angel. Speaking of which, Angle had a much less satisfying ending that never really fully wrapped up a "big picture" scenerio, but just a bunch of little ones.

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