Episode 141


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After an eight-month break, Dan and Mike return to Bigger on the Inside by covering Peter Capaldi's first story: "Deep Breath." New Doctor, slightly different format, same bleeps. [ 1:01:57 || 30.0 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/biggerontheinside/episodes/bigger_141.mp3

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Great podcast and nice to have BOTI back.

I'm with Dan on Deep Breath. I want to like it but I just don't. It has too many of Moffat's reheated leftovers for my liking. Reusing the robots from The Girl in the Fireplace with a slight twist just felt lazy as does having to consciously not do something your body does automatically (I'm expecting a monster who attacks people who think next series)

Moffat going back to his limited bag of tricks is also the reason I don't like Listen either. I felt that his solo written stories were the weakest of the season and for me it is becoming clear that he's use all the arrows in his quiver and now he just repainting them and firing them again in the hope that no one notices.

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Moffat on Clara and her ego: https://www.nerdist.com/2014/12/steven-moffat-on-clara-becoming-the-doctor-in-series-8/

"The thing about Clara is she thinks the show is called Clara. She really does. She has no idea she’s number two in the credits, which is why we did that joke in “Death in Heaven.” She’s got a high opinion of herself, not in a conceited way, but in a correct way. She knows she’s extremely clever and capable, and she doesn’t feel like she particularly fits in the world that she lives in. She’s a bit more like the Doctor in the first place. She’s not really very good at living a normal life. The other companions, like most people, like you and me, can be quite good at living normal lives. I’m very happy living my normal life, I’m sure you are too. Going to the shops seems fine for an adventure, but Clara’s not like that. When I first wrote Clara, I thought, “Oh, this is fun. If the Doctor were a young woman living in contemporary Britain, it’d be a bit like her.” Clever and presentable and funny but also thinking when is something interesting going to happen? The interesting thing between the Doctor and Clara is she can sort of play the same game he does. She can absolutely do that, she’s terribly clever, she’s got a wayward ego. Her botched love affair with Danny is heartbreakingly proof of that. He’s a lovely man with a traumatic secret, and she just screws it up because she doesn’t really give it enough attention. It’s just a little bit less exciting than running off in the blue box. You have to be a bit of a loony to think that way. I think for the first time, the Doctor’s traveling with someone who’s a bit of a loony like him, and that’s quite fun.”

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