Every Film You've Watched in 2015


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I like to imagine that Des has a pinboard with pictures of everyone who has wronged him with strings connecting them in a conspiracy web. No one but Des knows how Tobey McGuire is connected to Ian Wilson and Leo Strauss. Well, no one but that odd string going to Jure Bilić.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion: Watched mainly since it was new to Netflix and Matt hadn't watched it. Beautifully animated. Story is a little bit more meh sometimes.

The Neverending Story Part 3: Barely counts as a movie. Makes even less sense in the context of a film series that didn't make sense.

The Apocalypse (1997): First off, it's sad that I have to differentiate years on this. Secondly, Holy Motherfucking Jesus Christ All Mighty on a Shit-Eating Pogo Stick!

Feature Films: 46

Direct to DVD: 2

Made-For-TV: 2

Repeats: 3

Riff-Trax Assisted: 1

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