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Confession Time: I have never actually seen the original Ghostbuster movies. I watched the cartoons all the time, especially Extreme Ghostbusters, which I have fond memories of.

This looks fun to me. I like a group of women carrying a type of action film. It doesn't look all that funny, but as a movie I'm interested.

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Really enjoyed it! It's a film with plenty of homages, but takes a different enough story path and incorporates the science and quartet-dynamic better than the original(s). I still prefer the original film, but this film was delightful, even without the welcome/obligatory cameos.

Also heeded the advice of some board members here and stayed until the end. Upon the last line, a guy in my screening proclaims "NO. NO. NO I haven't been so annoyed about ruining a franchise [sic]. Apart from Fantastic Four". To which I resisted openly calling the guy an arsehole with every fibre of my being.

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I picture her as the Ray, with Wiig as the Venkman.

That's pretty much spot on, although McCarthy was top-billed, which maintains my belief that Paul Feig exists solely to make McCarthy a movie star. Which is in no way a slam on McCarthy at all (she's very good here) but Wiig's character is clearly the main protagonist.

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I think the pacing could've been better in the very beginning and somewhere in the middle, but there was something to laugh or smile at through most of the film. A lot of these moments came from, of course, Kate McKinnon.

Also I appreciated that Leslie Jones's character had a nerdy side that elevated her beyond a stereotype. 

Chris Hemsworth was great as well, although they're gonna have to either minimize him or give him something else to do in the sequel.

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