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Yes, you can help influence not only the film Pandy & I use as the joint review, but the homework we assign each other to plot the range of their career. As announced in Episode 14, our subject will be Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Pandy & I will take an executive decision on what makes the joint review on Sunday 15th February, so get your ideas in before then!

NB) We won't be considering suggestions of Batman and Robin.

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Terminator 2's arguably his best movie, and a film that doesn't EXACTLY require seeing the first one IMO. Although the first Terminator's good too.

I would heavily suggest Commando, as it's 150% a classic Schwarzenegger film in every way people imagine. It's full of macho fights, constant one-liners post-murder, typical "man wanting to save his daughter" plot, campy villains, and outrageous kills. It's exactly what Ranier Wolfcastle was based on in all of its glorious ridiculousness. If you're gonna look at a typical AHNOLD film, you gotta check that out.

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You need to do one of his comedies. Mike's suggestion of Kindergarten Cop is a good suggestion though I'm partial to Twins. Otherwise, Conan the Barbarian because it launched his career and he didn't get overdubbed in it so bonus as well. Terminator 2 is probably his best film.

That all said, I have a sad love of The Running Man. It is a fucking terrible movie but it has Richard Dawson (the most well-known host of the American Game Show, Family Feud) playing a sadistic game show host, Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac as the leader of the resistance, and Jesse Ventura sharing the screen with Arnold. The movie is not good but there's so much to riff and make fun of that you can't help but love it. Also, some of the set pieces are just phenomenal.

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