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Just got back. I would say the movie was really good, but not quite great. The acting is great though. Especially that little girl that plays X-23. She was amazing.


I mean educated guess you could figure where this one was heading before going to see it, but the way the movie progressed instead of how movies get accused of forcing a happy Hollywood ending this one felt to me that the sad ending was what was forced.

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I enjoyed this.  I have a few issues with it, but I got what I expected and it was well done.  You could really see this Deadpool influence . So many fucks.

One thing that made me laugh:

Up until they got to the casino, I got a total John Wick vibe from Wolverine.  I think it was the suit and the murder-killin'.

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I liked it a lot. Not as good as the trailers but those were masterpieces.

What I liked most was that it seemed the least beholden to the franchise. Very few dumb random x-character cameos, no lightening of tone or showy powers to keep the mainstream interested. It told it's own story, built it's own stripped down bleak future and went with it, taking characters we know and love to a very dark place. Basically it avoided all the pitfalls Mangold fell into last time with The Wolverine.

Finally people are getting that the influence of Deadpool isn't adult language or dark tone, it's commitment to a vision and not compromising on it.

Is a very good but not quite great film that in the X-Canon sits honestly just behind X2 in terms of quality. 

I'll see it again this week.

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This is a great comic book movie, most probably in the upper echelon of best of all time. It's properly gritty, shot very well and no performance lets it down, ESPECIALLY Dafne Keen. That girl is a revelation, and the biggest one since Chloe Grace Moretz in Kick-Ass.

I recognize its value more than I enjoy it personally. The movie pretty much met my expectations to the letter, and in that it is a stone cold bummer from beginning to end. I had to shake it off for the rest of the day because it's such a depressing sit and a long ass sit at that. Go see it, it's great, but I personally will stick with X's 1, 2 and Days of Future Past (the ending).

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I liked this movie. Patrick Stewart was amazing. The little girl was great until she started talking. I didn't like the X-24 clone villain. The brutality was what everyone wanted from a Wolverine movie. I kind of like the fact that they never really go into the backstory of the world. We know Xavier accidentally killed 7 X-Men by having a seizure, that one bad guy engineered the end of the mutants, and not much else. What happened to the rest of the X-Men? What was in the North where the kids are going to? What was killing Logan? I like open questions. We don't need to know everything, and the story wasn't about those things anyways. 

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Saw it this morning. It definitely earned that R rating. I have seen Friday the 13th movies with less violence, less gore and fewer kills.

I should have counted the number of F words. There comes a point where it is not realistic and it is just juvenile. It made me think of Beavis and Butthead with an R rating.

If your cursing causes me to crack up laughing during what should be an intense, emotional scene, you have overdone it.

No problem with the F-Bomb in a movie like this (it is realistic that Wolverine's speech would be salty) but there's a line where the word becomes meaningless.

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