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Thanks Des. It was reading this thread and your thoughts that made me want to catch up, Red Dragon is the strongest source material and i wanted to see how they approached it. I think you liked the first and second seasons more than I did, the battle for substance has always been struggling with the shows desire to display abnormal psychology through artistic means. I watched it and enjoyed the atmosphere, but I always had problems with the codependent aspect of Graham and Lecter, they almost take that awful Hannibal turn of making him an antihero. Graham is too obsessed with the game, it makes him and pretty much every character unsympathetic when they know who and what Hannibal is and do so little to stop him.

The tragic, brutal, violent way he caught Hannibal in the books, with almost that element of chance, it's so much scarier and more effective. That's why their reunion in Red Dragon is so powerful, because it's the first conversation of this new dynamic. The TV just gave us another conversation like we've had for a season and a half and expected it to be powerful.

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I'm admittedly coming at this from the POV of someone who only knows the Lecter mythos as cliffnotes (only recently saw Silence for the first time, have not read or seen anything else), but I like what we've been seeing so far. Yes, this season is definitely on the weaker end of the show so far, but I like the shift away from the psychopath of the week format.

wrt this episode, I viewed that first conversation more as them picking up from where they left off, rather than being this massive this is the first time we've talked in years kind of thing? the big reunion for me this season was back in 3.6, not 3.8/9, but ymmv.

I also really like that Lecter was mischa-ing Abigail too.

I also suspect that Des and I, except for a few things, are naturally supposed to be diametrically the opposite of the other at any given time.

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This week's episode is one of the best of the entire series. I love Red Dragon and this episode both adapts and adds to the novel in very interesting ways. They even use the art-film bullshit to great effect as well.

Also, there are very few women on earth as sexy as Gillian Anderson. Holy crap.

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I'm willing to accept this version of Will because of the two seasons of prologue, but I do prefer the Will that's more in control and the similarities to Hannibal are at the edges.

The scene with Dolarhyde and Chilton before Reba showed up had the best performance by Armitage so far.

I liked the Chilton swerve and the use of the fountain, though I thought Raul Esparza was pretty hammy and I usually love his performances.

I hate the wings and tail every time they show up.

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