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While Shotgun and Superstars continue their "one show, two names" phase, Monday Night Raw makes its way to Berlin, Germany with a fabulous main event between Owen Hart and The British Bulldog for the European Championship. Also: Sycho Sid v Mankind, Bret Hart v Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and an Ahmed Johnson promo. [ 2:04:11 || 59.7 MB ]

To listen, click here:

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I feel like we're reading someone their obituary on the day they're born.

I don't believe I've ever given Post of the Day to a line from a podcast, but here we are:

Post of the Day! :bowdown:

LOL! Well, at least the Euro title had a better life than the other belts the WWF/WWE created or adopted during this time frame. Specifically the Light Heavyweight Title, the actual Crusierweight Title when it was brought in from WCW, and the Hardcore Title.

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I always loved the gimmick of the hardcore belt (it can be challenged where ever, no tag outs, etc). It's just the usual execution that left something to be desired.

Edge held some 30 WWF/WWE titles when it was all said and done, and he is the all-time leader.

The next one on that list is Raven with like 25 or so, all Hardcore titles, mostly seconds only reigns done on the House Show circuits.

Yeah 24/7 was fun for the entertainment value, but a bitch to track for historical nuggets and tidbits!

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Wait, so did they hold Henry Godwinn vs Bradshaw TWICE or did they just re-air the same match again?

Either they thought that match was good enough to hold a second time or they thought it was good enough to air twice. Both are scary prospects.

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