Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

J Marv

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So yeah...I just watched it this morning. Freaking amazing. I don't think I'm in any place to write an objective review of this thing...but suffice to say that it's a visual masterpiece. It's really cool to recognize things from the game and see them rendered in ultra detail. It also recently occurred to me that only Cid and the Turks dress like normal people.


The fights with Bahamut (it actually might be Ultimate Weapon, but Kadaj asked Rufus what he should summon next, and the thing is very dragon-like, plus he summoned it with Cloud's materia, so I figured it was Bahamut) and Sephiroth are fucking INSANE. There'es really no other way to say it.

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Reposted from my blog:

I rented "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children" a couple weeks ago, and found it very enjoyable. I had played "Final Fantasy VII" on my Windows 98 machine several years ago, and made it to the final dungeon. It was a lot of fun, but I never did get around to finishing it. It was one of the classics for the role-playing genre.

"Advent Children" is a direct sequel to "Final Fantasy VII" for PlayStation and Windows. All of the characters are there, although some have larger roles than others. What is different about "Advent Children" is that it is a movie, not a video game. As far as I know, this is the only game-inspired movie to directly follow the storyline of the game it is based on. Others may use similar stories and the same characters, but "Advent Children" is a true sequel on DVD.

There were several nice touches for fans of the series. One of these was a refresher on what happened in "Final Fantasy VII", so you know what is going on when the movie starts. The moogle doll carried by one of the children in the film is a nice tip of the hat to fans of the series. The most fun, though, is the familiar "victory music" at the end of Tifa's battle with one of Sephiroth's stooges. It turns out that is the ring tone for the defeated villain's cell phone.

What strikes me is that, nearly a decade after "FF VII" was popular on the PlayStation, the characters still have enough staying power to be used in a movie, especially one that follows the original story so closely. There are three more video games and another movie planned expanding on the "Final Fantasy VII" universe. It will be interesting to see if some of the other games are expanded the way this one has been.

While "Advent Children" is great for fans of the video game, the movie is strong enough on its own to justify a rental even for those who have never played the game but are fans of science fiction and fantasy movies.

Final grade: B+

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I’m surprised at the lack of replies for this. It’s been out for a while, but I’ll give a quick review. Spoilers ahead:

First and foremost this movie is primarily for fanboys of FFVII. Anybody unfamiliar with the game will just have to sit back and watch the pretty colours flash across the screen because character backgrounds are vary scarce, and the recap of FFVII can only explain so much. That’s not to say you won’t enjoy it (the animation is amazing), but its doubtful you’ll like it on as many levels as the fans of the game.

If you are like me and are a big fan of FFVII, then prepared to be blown away. The animation (as I stated) is amazing, and the fight sequences are very well done. Just about all of the major characters make their return (including the secret characters) and there are plenty of little winks towards fans of the series.

For anyone watching this, its probably best to turn off your brain to fully enjoy it. Plot twists are at times silly, and the scene where all of the good guys reunite at once, whether or not they are necessary, seems more than a bit over the top. Also, the fight sequences defy any and all laws of gravity.

The plot follows three of the more stronger Serpiroth clones, as they try to reincarnate Sepiroth from the dead. Cloud once again, must use up all his strength to try and stop them. There is also the side story about a disease that is infecting a large number of children and young adults, including Cloud. But it really only serves to be something Cloud has to overcome.

There are a few flaws that have to be mentioned. As I said, you should probably turn your brain off because there are a few plot conveniences. The story is also pretty straight forward, its more like a reunion show than a proper sequel. The end is also fairly anti-climatic, with Cloud overcoming the odds just like you’d expect. Finally, mobile phones play a huge part in the film, almost to the point where its distracting.

That’s not to say it’s a bad film. You’ll spend most of your time mesmerized by what you see. But when its all said and done, and you reflect over what has happened, you’ll begin to notice quite a few flaws here and there. But who really cares about the destination when the journey is so awe inspiring 7/10.

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Ha, I've watched this twice and I've yet to review it on any level. Just kind of forgot, I guess.

The graphics were stunning, but the English translation was embarrassingly bad at many points. But, with computer animation, it's hard as hell to dub, so I might let that slide. The action sequences were awesome on every imaginable level and the storyline was pretty good. Vincent needed more screen time, damn it.

And why the hell is Cid such a redneck?

"That's some crazy water, right there!"


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I finally saw Advent Children just now, and I liked it just fine. The plot is just there, for me... it isn't bad, but it felt a bit rushed and I never got into it too much. However, I can't deny that the visuals are astounding, and the fights are just incredible to watch. I enjoyed the touches of humor, as well. Loz's cell phone playing the FF "Victory Fanfare" theme during his fight with Tifa got a nice laugh from me (Loz is great in general, actually; he's the only "remnant" I liked). Reno and Rude were also hilarious in this. The look of anguish on Rude's face when Reno accidentally stepped on his sunglasses while they were battling Loz and Yazoo cracked me up. Seeing all of the characters pop up and kick some ass is fun, though I agree with James that more of Vincent would have been nice. I was hoping for a good, profanity-laced tirade from Cid too. Maybe next time. :shakehead:

Anyway, AC met my expectations pretty easily - I expected a fun add-on to FFVII rather than something that would stand up to the epic story that FFVII offered, so it didn't disappoint me at all.

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I thought the greatest moment of unintentional comedy was when Cloud told Vincent to take Marlene back home and she runs over and grabs onto Vincent. It's pretty bad when you piss off a kid SO badly that they run to the feral monster-human for comfort. :laugh:

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