Duck Hunt Dog


Did you hate the Duck Hunt dog more than anything in the world?  

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JohnC11982: Dude! How about that dog in Duck Hunt?

JohnC11982: What an asshole

StipeforPrez: I hate that fucker

JohnC11982: My most hated videogame character ever

StipeforPrez: i wished pain upon him, I hated that dog so much

JohnC11982: My god so did I.

StipeforPrez: i'd try and shoot him when I was young and it would make me lose

JohnC11982: HA

StipeforPrez: God... I hated that fucker...

JohnC11982: I STILL do that

StipeforPrez: I was at level 34 one time and I got pissed off and shot at him. I know missing just one will cause you to lose, but then I missed the rest trying to kill the dog. Damn thing laughed at me

JohnC11982: HA

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I' m sorry, but when you're watching another person play the game and he starts flipping out because he keeps getting laughed at by that dog, it's just tooooo fucking hilarious. So I voted he made me laugh, because he brought my older brother great pain back in the day. :evil:

Although he did piss me off when I was playing it. <_<

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