Episode 844


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Mike introduces a brand new segment entitled Silver Linings, in which he attempts to find the best in the worst. First up for Silver Linings? The 2015 Jem and The Holograms movie! Following that, the final three Star Wars Read-Along Adventures are presented, and they are the Special Editions of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. [ 1:10:45 || 34.3 MB ]

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One more positive for Jem: When we finally see The Misfits, it's implied Erica cast them aside to make Jem a household name. With that in mind, it explains why she chooses to style Jem and The Holograms the way she does; Erica is attempting to make a cleaner, more palatable version of The Misfits. So, if there were to be a sequel, one can understand why The Misfits hate Jem and would conspire to bring the band down.

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First time hearing that theme song, and I found it kinda catchy. That Misfits refrain tho, screw that. Might as well replace the lyrics with "We are the bad guys/We are the villains!"

The exact same thing happened for the 90s cartoon series "Stunt Dawgs", of which I remember nothing about other than its theme song.

As for Silver Linings, I think it's a very strong concept and the back half of the segment worked very well. Where I think this debut fell down is that it didn't set up the film in question enough for me or gave enough of a reason why the film was bad. I am *aware* of the original cartoon as I know Mike did a full show on Jem with Jenny back in the day, and I did glance at Mike's Twitter feed as it occurred, as well as being aware that the film bombed. The problem was that less time was dedicated to WHY the film failed and was instead summed up in about 4 sentences, before Mike spent 10 minutes talking about what worked for him. This seems disproportionate and almost defeats the purpose of the segment's concept.

Tweak the gimmick to establish the plot, how the film failed (critically and/or commercially) and what particularly ground your gears, and that gives a better platform to start listing off the good bits/silver linings. Definitely a segment with potential.

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