Episode 24: Richard Curtis


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To round off 2015, The Brothers Wilson have their say about two films from the British writer / director Richard Curtis. Is there more to Four Weddings and a Funeral than a bungling Hugh Grant and a very clear structure? Would Love Actually work better as 10 individual films? Which brother will abuse his role as guest editor? There's also the massive thrill of the first HAA! Awards (The Tomlinsons)! And, because it is Christmas, there are also some hilarious and revolting outtakes from the first two years of the show. [ 3:18:34 || 95.7 MB ]

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I will say this. I hate Love Actually. 

Partially because I cringe easily and few of the performers as good as they are can make that mawkish material bearable (although as you say, the Emma Thompson bit was very good). It's partially because they decided to up the eccentric Britishness to the point that they had the prime minister, a 'commoner' as opposed to the default middle class alternative and an aging rock star involved. It's partially because half the stories barely qualify as more than confusion or lust. It's partially because the Richard Curtis ensemble piece was already well down the road to its nadir, The Boat That Rocked (in which rape is excused as a charmingly harmless eccentric British prank). 

However mostly I hate it because of the title. It's like a snotty child asking me a question and then correcting my answer.

"What powers rocketships?"

"Why, solid fuel of course"


"...This is why you've got no friends Timmy."



Curiously enough I really liked About Time.

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I enjoyed hearing you two tackle and comment on films that were more British-y in their presentation. Made for really good listening. I actually saw Notting Hill for the first time a couple of weeks ago and dug it as a first Hugh Grant experience (Ifans Rhys was disgusting in it tho).


AS for my nominating "John Matrix", it was due to the fact that IDK how to spell Arnold's last name. : P

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